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Combination of Zanzibar holidays and Safari on the mainland is a perfect choice for those who are looking for true wildlife experience.

Our reliable partner Luxury Short Safari will organize for you extraordinary safari experience in Selous Game Reserve. Together we will prepare a package including flights from Zanzibar.

From our experience, no safari comes as close nor gets as real as the one through Selous Game Reserve. At 54,600 sq km, it is one of the largest faunal reserves in the world, with large populations of the ‘Big Five’ as well as a wide variety of other animals & birds. Just 8% of the total area is designated as a photographic reserve while the rest is managed as hunting concessions.

No designated paths mean there is plenty of offroad detours during game drives, which take you as close to the action as possible. So whether it is following the vultures to a fresh kill or catching up with African wild dogs as they chase down an impala, you decide the direction to take. Or, if you are up for it, a walk in the bush or a boat ride with hippos & crocodiles are sure to provide that ultimate adrenaline rush.
 And finally when it is time for a break, enjoy delicious meals from our five star kitchens under the beautiful Selous sky. If you’re lucky you may even have a curious visitor scamper by, or a glance from a passing elephant. Relax! They are your comrades on this journey.

Nur wenige Orte auf der Welt können garantieren, dass solch eine grosse Auswahl an Wassersportarten wie Zanzibar tut. Die Schönheit der Natur, von denen Sie werde,...
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Die Insel bietet eine einzigartige Korallenriff, bevölkert von vielen Tierarten, die seine Gewässer bewohnen. Das Tauchzentrum wird vom Scuba Do Dive Center geleitet. Besuchen Sie für nähere...
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