GIOVANI OOSTERS Diamonds Star of the East

Hotel in Zanzibar


from March 4, 2019 to March 10, 2019

Don’t miss the 5th edition of “Dining with the Stars”, the gourmet event that brings the star chefs of the JRE – Jeunes Restaurateurs to the kitchens of the most exclusive Diamonds Resorts of the Planhotel Hospitality Group.

Giovani has developed a unique gourmet style. Variety, quality, perfection and friendliness are his credo. As Limburger, Giovani puts a love of the day for the use of local products. This Belgian and Limburg delights he handled with attention to detail to healthy seasonal dishes. His restaurant Vous le Vous, located in the rural district Wimmerdingen in Hasselt, combines rural tranquility with culinary pleasure and helps you to escape the hustle and bustle of every day.

During this week, Chef Giovani Oosters will be cooking for our guests at :

  • Show Cooking on Tuesday 5th of March
  • Gala Dinner on Wednesday 6th of March
  • Cooking Class on Friday 8th of March
  • Four Hands Dinner on Saturday 9th of March

Guests of the Diamonds Star of the East can benefit of this exclusive initiative which is included in the All Inclusive Formula. Guests of Diamonds La Gemma Dell’Est may take advantage of this initiative paying an additional fee and depending on availability. 

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Special events and entertainment in the resort

Every day of the week, we plan activities within the resort, suitable for adults and children: Monday: Mzuca Acrobatic show DJ set at Sunset Lounge with DJ Lee Tuesday: Special event: Italian Dinner DJ set at...
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